Unlikely Places
Diogo Alvim
Eduardo Patrício
Rui Chaves

Come Across
1st Belfast version presented at The Global Composition Conference, July 2012, Dieburg, Germany;  2nd Belfast version performed at Sonorities Festival, April 2013, Belfast; Lisbon version, as a workshop in ECOS, Sep 2013, Lisbon.

A soundwalk based piece for 2-4 performers
Come Across is a piece that explores a rich history of intersecting notions of walking, experiencing place, memory, mapping and sound. These concepts form part of a presentation framework for a group of performers. It prompts the design of individual routes that encompass points of branching, in which chance operations (the toss of the coin) determine the possibility of crossing or overlapping of each individual recording process. This process envisages the capture of soundscapes that are relevant to each performer, in which spatial movement forms part of the composition structure. This experience is then part of a live performance, mediated by the act of individually drawing each path executed on a map. A moment of tracing and reflection, in an attempt to synchronise the movement of the hand with the sound of each recording. Thus establishing a temporal relationship that enhances the tension between a memory of sonic events and listening to the recording.