PLAY is a site-specific project developed in collaboration with sound artist Matilde Meireles and experimental film maker Richard O’Sullivan.

Please contact me if you want to see the full documentation video.

You can also read
Trigger Place — A Game of Sound and Architecture
A multimedia paper about PLAY published on the Journal of Artistic Research
with Matilde Meireles

Project concept, script, production, sound / image materials, and direction Diogo Alvim and Matilde Meireles Music Diogo Alvim Film & live feed Richard O’Sullivan Production and red line tapers Clara Kane & John D’Arcy Squash players Michael Taylor & Patrick Flack Brass players Amy Wilson (flugelhorn), Ashley Elliot (tuba), Brian McNarry (trumpet), David Bird (cornet), Edward Wilson (Euphonium), Hazel Wilson, (tenor horn), and Stephen Kelly (trombone) Voices Una McCann, John D’Arcy Duration ca. 45′ Presentations Queen’s University Physical Education Centre, Belfast Festival, 24 and 25 Oct 2014.