The Pyramid and the Labyrinth was a music event that marked the end of a residency in São Paulo. Several local musicians were invited to play in an iconic but improbable space, usually not accessible to this kind of events. Three different groups of musicians improvised over given material produced during the previous month.

First performance (musicians from the University of São Paulo + Diogo Alvim)
Improvisation over a graphic score showing a continuous photograph of the route between the two buildings;

Second performance (Carlos Issa and Jonathan Gall)
Improvisation over a four channel tape part of a retrograded version of Alvin Lucier’s I’m sitting in a room recorded in the MAC using a text from Brazilian legislation concerning the recording of copyright material.

Third performance
Improvisation over a two channel tape part of a soundwalk inside the installation Transarquitectônica by Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira, exhibited in the MAC at the time. Transarquitectônica invites the visitor to explore a progressive route between two contrasting architectures: a labyrinthian structure of tunnels, like the insides of tree branches, and a ‘white cube gallery’ type space.

Fourth performance (Cão + Diogo Alvim)
Improvisation over a 2 channel tape part of a sound-drive from the CCSP to the MAC. Listen here.

Diogo Alvim · A Piramide e o Labirinto (2014)

Conception and production Diogo Alvim, Bernardo Loureiro, Filipe dos Santos Barrocas, João Gonçalves, Julia de Luca, Rodrigo Arruda Performers – 1st group: Max Schenkman (Orquestra Errante), André Damião, Lílian Campesato, José Guilherme e Gregory Slivar (NuSom, ECA-USP), Bernardo Loureiro and Diogo Alvim / 2nd group: Carlos Issa and Jonathan Gall / 3rd group: CÃO and Diogo Alvim Support Centro Cultural São PauloMAC / USPNuSom (ECA/USP), SARC/ QUEENS, Santander Universidades.