Tłumaczenie for string quartet

Tłumaczenie (Translation in Polish) is a string quartet (written in 2014/15) that enquires how a traditional form can move beyond the repetition of old values, without changing its ‘format’. To do this, I developed a complex programme that uses (i) architecture as a pretext to expose and question different compositional problems, and (ii) the work of three Polish artists (Krzysztof Penderecki, Edward Krasiński and Stanisław Lem) to expand the semantic reach of the work. These references are also used as methodological approaches (a meta-programme) that inform about the processes carried out, and suggest different views on the translation problem through the configuration of different types of scores (written, graphic, and sonic) that ask for the collaborative creativity of the quartet.

Programme notes here

Duration ca. 15′ Première Royal String Quartet Date 22nd April 2015 Place SARC, @ Sonorities Festival.